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Ever wake up and think "I wonder if there's a large place I could go flying at today..."? Well, you're in luck! We now have a place we can go between 7am-8pm, 7 days a week!

There are some important conditions of course, so pay attention as we'll be holding you to these:

1) AMA is required to fly. This is a requirement of the land-owner, so please do not fly uninsured/illegally. Check out the Academy of Model Aeronautics for more information.

2) If there are people, farmers, workers, etc in the field, please cease all flying activity. Since this is an active farm, we need to work around their schedule. We have a very open schedule of 7am-8pm, 7 days a week, but we need to be sympathetic to their business.

3) Don't trample their crops. If you must retrieve an aircraft, walk gingerly and try to leave as few footsteps as possible. Please don't fly around the house. See the attached map for details on where you can or cannot go.

4) You can take off and land from the parking lot behind the stand without checking in. If you want to walk back into the fields, let the folks in the stand know you are going to be heading out, they are cool about that and just want to know when someone is out on the property. Please stay on the roads and paths between the fields, and take off and land from the roads and paths.

5) Course materials can be set up and left up with the "at your own risk" clause and only in the areas mentioned on the map.

6) Discourage the birds! Seriously, get them out of the crops! It's kind of the whole reason we're out there. The loud aircraft scares the birds, so make some noise and be annoying! The more critters we discourage from eating their crops, the better. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CHASE OR HARM the wildlife - we are not in the business of bird-murdering.

7) On top of all of this, it should go without saying, but be courteous. If another person that you don't know shows up to fly, nicely remind them of the rules, and then show them the ropes. The best path to safe and responsible flying is through kind education and good stewardship.

8) Parking. Park on the back side of the barn in front (the fruit stand building). Leave the roadway open so cars can exit.

  • Note: If you get there and the chain is up on the main entrance, go around the telephone pole and enter the area on the other chainless side.

9) It gets pretty sunny in the fields, so a shade tent isn't a terrible idea. There is no usable electricity as of right now, so bring a bunch of charged packs or field charging solutions.

17971 SW Scholls-Sherwood Rd, Sherwood, OR 97140

PhilsFarm Boundaries.png


  • Green Area: Strawberries - Not active crop, set up whatever you want there... Gates, flags, bungee launchers, etc.
  • Yellow Area: Active crops. You can set up gates/flags/etc, but be very careful not to disrupt the crops. Any equipment left here is at your own risk.
  • Red Area: Leased land. Potatoes not farmed by Phil and should be avoided if possible. If you lose an aircraft in this area, be extremely careful not to disturb the crop. No gates or flags are to be set up in this area. Flying over this area is fine.
  • Green Dotted Line: Border of Phil's property. You can fly further, but know that retrieving any aircraft outside of this line will be troublesome at best. Leaving this zone is at your own risk.

For questions specifically about this field, please message